Reaching the status of ‘high roller’ is something all casino players hope to achieve, and it probably comes as no surprise that the rewards casino sites offer those who spend vast quantities of money are much greater than those of regular players.

I’ve never quite qualified for a high roller VIP program myself, but in the course of reviewing endless online casinos, and knowing lots of high roller players, I’ve been able to get a glimpse behind the curtain and see what’s on offer for players with large bankrolls.

First, let’s take a look at how everyday loyalty programs work, then compare them to high roller programs. Is there much of a difference? What does it take to qualify for high roller VIP programs? How does each work? All of those questions and others will be answered in this piece.

A Typical Casino Loyalty Club

There’s nothing difficult to understand about casino loyalty programs. They work a lot like the club points you collect at your favorite supermarkets or restaurants, except there are often levels to casino loyalty schemes.

For example, you might start earning one casino loyalty point for every $10 bet you make. You’ll collect these over time, and then when you have enough of them, you’ll be able to trade them in for bonus cash or free spins.

Yet, these same programs often have different levels, ensuring those who play most often are rewarded the most. For example, might climb from Entry Level to Club Level (one level up) and find that you suddenly have larger withdrawal limits, entry into exclusive tournaments, and have a better rate of conversion for your loyalty points when you want to change them into bonus money.

Typically, casino loyalty programs have five levels or thereabouts. The rewards keep getting bigger and better as you climb, but it becomes more difficult to qualify. Only the serious high rollers will ever make it to the top levels.

That leads us nicely to the next topic, which is casino VIP programs for high rollers.

A Typical Casino High Roller VIP Program

If you see the words ‘VIP’ beside your status, you know you’ve entered the elite levels of any casino reward program. For some programs, VIP level is the top echelon, but others have VIP Silver, Gold, and Platinum levels, meaning it’s possible to keep climbing.

VIP programs are, of course, extremely lavish. Great casinos will go all out to ensure that high rollers stick around, and this means access to the best the site has to offer.

VIP Programs typically offer things like:

  • No limits on withdrawals. You could deposit and withdraw millions, and the casino will be happy to accommodate you.
  • Exclusive bonuses. These are typically worth thousands per deposit and will have lower wagering requirements than regular bonuses.
  • Personal account managers. This could include your own VIP telephone number or point of contact. Your own manager will be there to keep you happy.
  • Real world gifts and holidays. I’ve seen casino VIP rewards programs which offer members flights to Vegas with stays in luxury suites, invitations to Poker cruises in the Mediterranean, and actual gadgets like iPads and the latest phones sent to you as gifts on your birthday.

Obviously, it will require quite a bit to reach the top levels of any casino VIP program. These sorts of rewards are reserved for people betting thousands per month, so unless you are a true high roller, you won’t get that far.

I know one thing – the only way I’m getting there is if I win a Mega Moolah jackpot and decide to keep playing!

Insight: Both casino VIP and regular rewards programs are becoming more interactive. I’ve noticed a wave of new casino sites which have entire game-like programs, with players conquering new islands or taking over city blocks as they climb levels. Some of them have truly intense features such as the possibility of getting robbed if you don’t log in for several days. These show just how far online casinos have come, and it’s exciting to think about what they might become and how they might evolve in the future.

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