If you’ve read many of my posts on this blog, you’ve probably realized that I like to sprinkle my informative posts with real life anecdotes from my own experience as a gambler. I thought it would be fun to make a list of my favorite 10 memories as a gambler for this post.

There’s probably a lesson of some kind related to each of these, but probably not all of them. At any rate, I hope you enjoy reading these stories as much as I enjoyed living them.

That would be hard to do, though, because I sure had a good time.

I lived in Dallas for years. I worked at Hotels.com, and at various times, I had apartments in Dallas and Addison. At the time, there was a thriving underground poker scene in the Dallas Fort Worth area.

I don’t even remember the name of the card room where I won the $1000, but I do remember the game. It was a $1/$5 pot limit Texas holdem game. The card room was new-ish, and they always had the radio there tuned to JACK-FM, which was also new at the time.

They served meals there every night, always something they could put in a Crock-Pot. Sometimes it was barbecue sandwiches. Sometimes it was meatball subs. They also had a fridge full of beer and soda pop. If you wanted hard liquor, you had to bring your own.

I was still new and I played extremely tight in those days. I had a really good poker player sitting to my left one night—a big, masculine guy named Don. His nickname was “Big Don.” (I love poker stories, because the characters always have nicknames.)

You’d have never guessed what business he was in from looking at him. He owned a dozen nail salons throughout Dallas.

He was perceptive, and he claimed that he’d watched me fold 60 hands in a row. When I finally came in with a raise, he called me. He said, “As many hands as you’ve folded in a row, I just HAVE to see what kind of cards you think are actually worth playing.”

I lost that hand, but I played for 10 hours straight that night, and I walked out of there with over $1000 in winnings. I won almost all of that money on just 3 hands toward the end of the night, too.

After winning those 3 hands, the other players stopped calling my raises. The card room manager laughed and asked me how long I was going to steamroll the table after that.

I slept well the next day, and my wife got a big kick out of the pile of hundred dollar bills on the night stand.

I also remember being nervous when I walked back to my truck that morning. I was afraid someone might knock me in the head and take my money.

I’ve written about this in more detail in another post, so I’ll just cover it in broad strokes here.

In 2004, I was training a gambling writer to write casino reviews for a website I was launching. I was showing him how it worked to sign up at an online casino. The casino we signed up for is out of business now, but I remember it was an RTG casino.

We played a silly slot machine game called Mid-Life Crisis, and I won $7000 on my 4th spin. (I was betting $11.25 per spin.)

I still had to make enough wagers to fill my wagering requirement, so I lost $3000 of that.

But I still had a $4000 profit to show for it.

I used that money to buy a jukebox for my living room.

Good times.

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